2nd Hour Classes (Resumes September 10)

What are 2nd Hour Classes?

2nd Hour is Rush Creek’s version of Sunday School. It is an opportunity to come together with our brothers and sisters in Christ to study God’s Word and grow in our understanding of what it says and how we can apply it to our lives. 2nd Hour gives our congregation a chance to ask tough questions, wrestle with difficult passages, and engage one another in dialogue and discussion in a way that would never be possible during our Morning Worship Service and Sermon. We invite you to stay for 2nd Hour!

Is there a specific 2nd Hour class for my age group or can I simply choose one to go to?

Check out a class that interests you, and if it isn’t the right fit feel free to try a different one! Our hope is that you will ultimately find a class that challenges you in your faith, encourages you to search the Scriptures, and helps you feel more connected to the community of Rush Creek and to our great God!

2nd Hour

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Where do the 2nd Hour Classes meet and what is each class about?

Building Foundations – The Cove – West Harbor

An engaging class for young families or singles who enjoy a strong sense of community within the class. We seek to build strong friendships, lasting legacies, and a foundation of Christ in our homes. We hold regular social, small group, and service events outside of the normal class hour. We look forward to meeting you!

Military Support Group – The Cove – Shoreline

Meets the first Sunday of each month to pray for and support our troops.

Engaged and Young Marrieds – The Cove – East Harbor

If you are engaged or recently married, this class is designed for you. The class focuses on fellowship, learning God’s plan for marriage from His Word, and discussing practical applications for marriage.

Gathering Grounds – Fireside

Pastor Phil Long teaches this class which focuses on relevant topics and issues from a biblical perspective. Gourmet coffee and treats as well as fellowship and new friends are an important part of this class. Please join us at 11:15 each Sunday.

Friendship & Fellowship Class – The End Zone

Each week includes a time of intercessory prayer for the needs of our families and church. We then enjoy Bible study led by Paul Sweet. In recent years, our lessons have included expository, topical, and biographical studies, all intended to enrich and equip us to become more like Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome!

Faithful Families – The Lounge

This class was formed by families who are dedicated to the small group concept and seeks to draw people together toward a common core of interests. It is a fun and caring group of married couples in their 30’s and early 40’s with children ranging in age from preschool to early Jr. High. We are committed to the enhancement of the family through prayer, Scripture, and family/child-rearing related studies.

Greater Prospects – Pastor Gene’s Office

This class meets to study God’s Word, pray for and encourage each other, and have fun! It often uses video-based material from noted Christian leaders and teachers. This class is facilitated by Pastor Gene.

Young Adults – The Edge

This class is for anyone who is post-high school, whether you are going to college or have already entered into a career. Please join us as we engage in meaningful discussions concerning relevant topics in our culture and what Scripture has to say about them.

High School – The Edge

Middle School – The Edge

5th and 6th Graders – The Cove – Lighthouse

*Children’s Classes available in The Jungle

We would love for you to join a 2nd Hour Class this Sunday!  If you have questions about our 2nd Hour Classes, please email Pastor Cam at cameron@rushcreekbc.org.