Monday afternoons from 3:00 – 5:30

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 – 5:30
Resumes September 26

Drop Zone is a free after school program at Rush Creek for over one hundred 5th through 8th graders on Tuesday and Thursday and 9th through 12th graders on Monday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:30 during the school year.  Drop Zone, in partnership with Byron Center Public Schools, Buist Community Assistance and High Pointe Community Church, seeks to build positive relationships with these students by providing a safe, fun and Christ-centered environment where students can go after school since 2010.

Drop Zone Circle

Every day at Drop Zone, the students are welcomed by a team of committed volunteers and a healthy snack.  After a brief introduction, students have an activity time, including anything from gym games and crafts to board games and foosball, which is followed up by a half an hour small group discussion period, where students meet with their small group leader and discuss a topic that is relevant to their lives and addresses many of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges that they face.  Students then have a second activity period, followed by a half hour homework period, where students can receive help from tutors if they need it.  Students wanting to practice their musical instruments may also reserve a classroom during one of the activity times or during the homework period.

Rush Creek is committed to making Drop Zone a safe environment for the students.  Trained adult supervision is provided at all Drop Zone activities and a check-in and check-out system is in place to help ensure the safety of the students.

Transportation to Drop Zone is graciously provided by High Pointe Community Church, with students being picked up at Nickels Intermediate School and the BCPS bus rodeo.

Make sure to check the Drop Zone Facebook page to see more of what Drop Zone is all about! 

If you have any questions regarding Drop Zone, or if you would like to become a volunteer, contact Karen Neymeiyer at

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