Renewal—it is a recurring theme throughout Scripture. Each of us can likely remember favorite verses that emphasize the theme of renewal and restoration. Throughout Scripture, we see nations, communities, temples, and local fellowships of believers undergoing a renewal. As we embark on Project: Renewal, Lord willing, we will see evidence of many things “renewed” during 2018.

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Ministry Vision Update – February

The Renewal Project has an impact on every age and stage of ministry efforts within the church and even into the community. Along with intentional ministry and programming efforts, the building enhancements have been sifted through the lens of our church-wide mission… striving to foster authentic relationships in and through genuine community in order to become a more vivid reflection of Jesus Christ.

It is far more than hitting the refresh button on our frequently-used and well-worn facilities.  Our prayer and Mission have always revolved around the lives touched and changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How will Rush Creek be light and life to a changing community in and around us?

HEART Prov. 4:23- ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’

It all starts here, inside each of usKnowing our salvation means it- ‘being’ salvation. Our obedience as Christians is a matter of our hearts- aligned at the core of our beings- before God.  Someone once said, “Don’t let where you ARE distract from where God wants you to be.”  What would it look like Rush Creek- if we asked the question; do our words of faith match our actions from the heart?   Without hearts renewed, day by day, there can be NO genuine community.    That begins with your commitment to pray and listen.

COMMUNITIES – One of our core values is to seek the flourishing of the communities where God has placed us.  How can the voice we are NOW- be more vibrant- more reflective- more loving- in ACTIONS seeking community? Being Incarnational means living and sharing the gospel ‘where life happens’!  We want to be a church that as the Body of Christ is known for the ACTIVITY of Christ.  We’ve got to explore ways our lives should differ from culture- not withdrawn into shrink wrapped churches but tear into the heart of the soul with something meaningful, impactful and relevant: Jesus Christ is alive and lives to be the church through reflective Grace in the gospel.

Look for upcoming events in Rush Communities that seek renewal and power of life change through Christ.


FACILITIESWe have intentionally increased the use of our building in every way to reflect the mission.  We are especially committed to children’s ministry and as such must improve security and increase ministry options.  Betsy DeVos once said, “To say children are our future is to say the obvious.  But they need us to help insure that they will have happy, healthy childhoods and that they will have the opportunity to reach their potential.”  She was talking about her involvement with the DeVos Children’s Hospital, but the same could be said about the church.  A facility best equipped and prepared for ministry by the hearts of those who serve, demonstrates to families a level of commitment that matches our mission.

On April 22nd there will be culminating call for action of financial support.  Will you be committed to Pray- Listen- and be Obedient to what God is challenging your heart.  After all; hearts that beat together as one become the heartbeat of Christ Himself.

Ministry Vision Update – December

Renewal Project Proposal

Summary of Facility Enhancements

On December 10, 2017 our congregation will vote on moving forward on some exciting enhancements to our current facility. While most areas of the church are enhanced by this renewal project, the overview below describes these improvements in terms of the ongoing staff and board priorities of focus; Corporate Worship, Youth & Outreach, and Families.

Corporate Worship

Improvements and upgrades focus on four issues:
1) Updated sound and video, and enhanced acoustics within the room.
2) Enhanced platform connection/engagement with our congregation.
3) Expanded/extended use of platform real estate for easier and varied platform-event uses.
4) Improvement of traffic flow within the worship center.

Youth & Outreach

Minimal renovations reflect normal capital replacement (carpet, furniture, equipment, etc.) in the youth wing. A new door from the youth wing into the courtyard, along with a patio area, will create a two-season use from another unused space.

With the continued need for a full-sized gym, the changes to the gym focus on a warmer experience aesthetically (i.e. paint), acoustically, and in terms of Sunday morning traffic flow. Equipment improvements may include rolling kiosks such as an enhanced AV kiosk as well as a coffee kiosk.


A new entrance into a very secure, and inviting children’s wing – entering from inside and outside of the church building – is the thrust of this priority. The consideration of traffic flow, reconfiguration of rooms throughout the hallway, and the (Sunday morning) dedication of the entire wing to children’s ministry efforts is based on family-centric considerations; with an emphasis on new families.

Facility-wide and Grounds Renovations

Extensive church-wide carpet, paint, replacement of chairs, tables, equipment (as needed) etc. will be tackled with this project along with the replenishing of our capital replacement fund in anticipation of future capital replacement needs.

Sample Ballot

The board of Rush Creek Bible Church is recommending to the congregation pursuing capital improvements to our existing facility and grounds, as well as a corresponding fundraising effort to underwrite these improvements through the giving of our congregation. This proposal authorizes the church to raise $2.5 million dollars with the 10% of the amount raised set aside for capital replacement.

My vote to move forward also indicates my willingness to financially participate toward this project by increasing my current giving.

___ yes, I am in favor and will financially support this project.

___ no, I am not in favor of this project.


Ministry Vision Update – November

Renewal Project

Return on Investment

Worship Center

  1. Ensures improvements and replacement of obsolete technology in the worship center.
  2. Allows for a minimum of structural change for the worship center i.e. the platform for more and varied.types of events, sound absorption and diffusion for better acoustics, additional scattered seating areas.for wheel chairs, and better traffic flow.
  3. Systemically addresses our worship center’s poor acoustics.
  4. Provides for technology—and the central coordination of that technology—in more classrooms and throughout the church, i.e. audio, video, and streaming of teaching resources.
  5. Provides potential to extend our digital reach, i.e. streaming services.
  6. Provides potential to better host simulcast gatherings, concerts, and community functions.
  7. Provides for the ability to replace the grand piano—existing piano circa 1959 (30k)

Dedicated Children’s Wing

  1. Demonstrates a commitment to families with young children—particularly those who have not yet attended.
  2. Entire wing dedicated to children’s ministry (no longer mixed use during Sunday a.m.)
  3. Optimal environment for Sunday a.m. children and family ministry.
  4. Reconfigures south end of the wing to include a children’s worship center.
  5. Line of sight drop off and pick up as well as other optimal security features.
  6. Provides a new entrance from the outside into the center of the children’s wing.
  7. Ability to expand children’s programming options if desired.
  8. Provides an area for young children to hang out in proximity to parents after service.
  9. One additional restroom on south end of the hall for ease of access for children and teachers.
  10. Streamlined check-in and clearer signage for visiting families with young children.
  11. Expanded children’s worship area in the dedicated children’s wing.
  12. Provides additional storage space.

Gym Modification

  1. No substantive structural alterations ensures existing usages of the gym but also does not expand usage as once proposed.
  2. Modifications will focus on hitting the refresh button enough to provide more inviting institutional/gym space and nicer “corridor” between the revamped children’s wing and revamped worship center.
  3. Sound absorption on walls for better in-room acoustics.
  4. Rolling modular coffee kiosks, A/V kiosk, and welcome center.

Youth Wing

24. Provides for French doors to courtyard from Youth Room.
25. Industrial flooring and new room divider (current one is broken) for more suitable space.
26. Equipment: Picnic tables for courtyard patio, rec room equipment and furniture, sound system.
27. Better traffic flow for ongoing programming including a service window adjacent to kitchenette

Refresh and Refurb + Replenishing the Capital Replacement Fund

  1. Refresh carpet (flooring), paint, furniture, and decor through hallways.
  2. Hits the refresh button—after 18 years of use—on what will now be 3 main public entrances, common areas, and corridors.
  3. Refresh the Fireside Room accomplished within Rush Creek.
  4. Reduces our capital depreciation and accelerates the funding of our capital replacement fund—items.such as roof, parking lot, HVAC, and carpet.
  5. Replacement of all folding chairs with stackable chairs.
  6. Keyless entry system at office door.
  7. Server/network system for file sharing, security, and transfer.

Considerations & Opportunity Costs

It is worth highlighting that improvement processes such as the Renewal Project are a moving target. While these two pages describe the desire and intent of the board and respective committees, the need to make financial trade-offs and the potential changes that will be made in the continued due diligence process may not allow us to do everything described in this document in the way it is described. This document is designed to show the desire and intent as we continue in the process.

Net Effect on Classroom Space

Creating a new and secure entrance in the children’s wing caters to young families with children, an important thrust of our outreach efforts. On Sunday morning that children’s wing will be dedicated for children’s ministry the entire morning. The opportunity cost is the addition of one children’s classroom and the reduction of two adult classrooms (during Sunday a.m.). Currently no additional adult classroom space is needed. Should the need arise we may need to consider temporary units.

Expanded Capacity for Sunday Morning Worship

Stage 1 does not address corporate worship expansion space nor adequately address most on- campus growth models for Sunday a.m. worship. An option that remains available to us is a two service format. The staff and board continue to refine growth models for campus expansion. Currently no additional corporate worship space is needed. Should the need arise in the next few years our options may be more limited.

Family Life Center

The Family Life Center will not be built during Stage 1. Even as leadership revisits a revised understanding such a facility as well as future facility needs based upon our growth model, it is important to note that moving forward with Stage 1 likely means that such a facility will not be pursued for a few years.

Office Space and Storage

Because Stage 1 adds no additional square footage, office space will remain capped with no room for growth within existing facilities. Due to an additional entrance in the children’s wing, we are able to gain a bit of storage and an additional room near the (current) southernmost entrance.

Youth Wing Minor Improvements

Not pursuing a Family Life Center means the continued realities of an insufficient space and/or space not fully suitable for the current uses of our facility. While this is obviously workable even if not ideal, some relatively minor modifications to our youth wing will create an additional contiguous outdoor venue opening up the use of the courtyard.

Entrance Adjustments

In order to ensure security in a renovated children’s wing, the current southernmost entrance will be used for emergency exit only. The new children’s entrance will be approximately 50 steps further north toward the west side of the building.

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