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It’s hard to believe the temporary wall—that was feeling a bit more per-manent—has finally come down. The floor isn’t pretty…yet. But stay tuned.

This week I was noting all the newness that will be experienced in the first few minutes of entering our new family-friendly entrance. So let’s take a virtual tour: Even as you pull into the parking lot we drive toward a newly configured island • This configuration actually allowed 19 more parking spaces in our lot • It also allowed us to put handicap parking closer to the new door • After we park near the newly paved portion of the parking lot, we walk through a new keyless entry vestibule where greeters will welcome you • Once inside we witness a gorgeous welcoming entry area • A family restroom on the right as you walk in • A rolling cart/kiosk to check in your children on both sides of the hallway • New to the church? A welcome center awaits you a few steps further to help guide you and your family • As you check in your children, they can look through the windows to a playground geared toward 2 to 6-year-olds on the south side of the entryway.

Turning left just beyond the self-check-in, you will enter a secure nursery area • Greeted by nursery workers, they along with our security systems and security team will ensure the safety and comfort of our precious children • In the nursery are two crib rooms to separate from the noise, one area dedicated for nursing moms, a children’s toilet for those potty training, and plenty of space to play and engage through-out the nursery; eliminating the hallway and reconfiguring furnaces allowed us to gain ~800 feet of nursery space. Note this “tour” is just a fraction of the renovated space, and reflects the journey on Sunday morning. Different configurations allow for varied usage the other six days of the week!

Remember a new facility doesn’t make a building more welcoming, inviting, and secure. God’s people, acting as the body of Christ and engaging where needed, is one way to best reflect Christ to the community we serve here at Rush Creek. Please consider being a part of our connection teams.