Please read over the Behavior Expectations, Disciplinary Responses, Permission & Parent Agreement and Transportation Agreement sections before registering your child with the form below.

Behavioral Expectations

All members of Drop Zone — students, staff and parents — must know the behavior expectations and understand the consequences if these standards are not met.

Please submit this completed form within 2 weeks of your child’s first day at Drop Zone.

Drop Zone Behavior and Discipline Policy encourages positive behavior that allows for a safe environment for all students, free from verbal and physical abuse and harassment. Any student who knowingly or intentionally behaves in a way that could cause harm to themselves or to other students, damage public or private property, or reflect negatively upon Drop Zone or Rush Creek Bible Church will be disciplined.

To achieve a warm, welcoming environment in which all students can fulfill their potential we ask that all members of our Drop Zone community respect our behavior expectations:


Bullying will result in an automatic one-day suspension from the program.  If the bullying continues, the instigators of the bullying will receive an automatic suspension from the program for a length of time to be determined by the DZ Directors and/or Counselors.

With your voice:

– Be careful with other people’s feelings. Don’t tease, insult, threaten, or call anyone an unkind name. Tell the truth. Don’t lie.

– Use appropriate language. Don’t use bad words or gestures.

– Respect other people’s conversations. Don’t interrupt when people are talking. Don’t bother people when they are working or learning. Don’t barge into a classroom.

– Do not leave your classroom or the building without permission.

With your body:

– Be careful with other people’s bodies. Don’t hit, bite or fight.

– Be careful with other people’s things. Don’t steal, break or damage property.

– Be careful with Drop Zone property. Look for ways to help keep areas clean and enjoyable for everyone.

With your mind:

– Always ask this question: “Would I like it if someone did that to me?”

And also:

– Listen to and follow directions by all DZ staff members.

– Walk. Do not run.

– Don’t fool around in the bathroom.

Disciplinary Responses

Possible consequences of inappropriate behavior:

– Solve the problem that you created

– Write an apology letter

– Lose privileges

– Inappropriate items may be confiscated

– Meet with a DZ Director or Counselor

– Drop Zone Director will contact your family

– Be suspended or expelled from Drop Zone

Physical Altercations

After the first physical altercation the student(s) involved in the altercation will be suspended for the next scheduled Drop Zone day. The second offense will result in the student(s) being suspended for two weeks of Drop Zone. The third altercation the student(s) will be removed from the Drop Zone program for the remainder of the semester. If, at the time of the altercation, the semester is coming to a close the student(s) may be suspended from the following semester of Drop Zone.

Permission & Parent/Guardian Agreement

A parent or guardian of every child registered in Drop Zone is required to sign the Drop Zone Parent/Guardian Agreement as part of the registration process.

I consent to the participation of my child in Drop Zone at Rush Creek Bible Church, however, if my child cannot live within the Drop Zone Behavioral Expectations, or if my child’s behavior adversely affects the experiences of other children, I understand that my child may be dismissed from Drop Zone. I have discussed the behavioral expectations of Drop Zone with my child, and my child understands that a consequence of his or her unacceptable behavior could be dismissal from Drop Zone. I have discussed my expectations with my child and have stated that we, as parent/guardian and Drop Zone staff, agree with the consequences for failure to uphold the Drop Zone Behavioral Expectations.

I will not hold this program, its staff, or any participating organization responsible for any accidents that might occur while our child participates in Rush Creek Bible Church programs. If an accident does occur, I give the event staff approval/permission to take my child to the hospital to receive medical attention until we can arrive. The parent or guardian of each child is responsible for health and accident insurance.

Photo Release: I authorize Rush Creek Bible Church to use pictures or videos of my child for program publicity.

Transportation Agreement

I give permission for my child to be transported from Byron Center Public Schools to Rush Creek Bible Church by Drop Zone transportation.

I understand that Drop Zone ends at 5:30pm and my child must be picked up from Rush Creek Bible Church at that time. Children who are given permission to stay after Drop Zone for their respective youth group (Impact56 for 5th & 6th grades or Rush for 7th & 8th grades) should be picked up by 7:30pm on Tuesdays (Impact56) and by 8:00pm on Thursdays (Rush).

I understand that at various times during the year Rush Creek Bible Church will offer “field trip”/special event/small group activity opportunities to my child. These special events will take place during scheduled program times and students will be brought back to Rush Creek Bible Church by the scheduled ending time of respective programs (i.e.: Drop Zone, Impact56, Rush). I authorize Rush Creek Bible Church to transport my child to these “field trip”/special event/small group activities.

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