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This story was written by Mr. Dan about an experience he had on Monday morning at KidsGames. Just one of many examples that God was working …

On Monday, we were running around in the morning making sure everything was as good as possible for the big event-KidsGames! The staff was ready and kids and parents were arriving. We were all so excited! A mom approached me with a question. She said, “I have a prob­lem.” (For me that is code for smile and listen.) She contin­ued, “I have a daughter with spina-bifida.” I had no idea what that was, but it sounded bad. As I looked down I saw the girl and just kind of froze …. thoughts where a rolling in my head …. I argued in my head as to what to say or do…. l finally looked at the mom and said, let’s go and meet her small group stu­dent leader. I thought this would at least start the process as to what to do next. We found the little girl’s leader and intro­duced them to each other. At that moment I was out of an­swers and plans.

To my surprise the leader of the small group said, “My sister has spina-bifida too.” The mom and I looked at each other and just smiled! The mom and the student leader just started talking about all the things they each needed to know to take care of this little girl. They were using words like tubes, needles …. and I just stood there.

What are the odds of all this just happening at the perfect time with the perfect people! I was so excited and relieved! I said to the mom, “This has to be God arranging all this here today!” There was no other way to explain it! God had made the perfect plan and all we had to do was to try and pursue something so He could turn it into something wonderful.

The mom left her daughter and was so relaxed. I wish I could show you her face as she walked away. As I stood there, I could only remind myself that I need to trust Him more and to continue pursuing things even if I have no answers.

By the way, the 8th grade small group leader is a Drop Zone student who “just wanted to help” at KidsGames.