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Dear Rush Creek Family—

Remember—back in the day—when we oriented our existence around time; month, day, hours, minutes? For those who have forgotten, today is Blursday, the fortyteenth of Marprilay (ripped straight from a social media post).

Orienting our existence around time is what we do. So this time of out of time is disorienting for many. And this particular notion of time is derived from the the ancient Greek root word chronos—from which we derive our word chronology.

But there is another term for time in the ancient Greek that appears numerous times throughout the New Testament. It is the word Kairos. Kairos can be defined as a propitious moment for decision or action. If you, like me, need a refresher on the word propitious, this is what Webster has to say…. propitious = indicating a good chance of success; favorable.

So maybe as a church, we can spend time reflecting even today on the Kairos moment we find ourselves in… a moment where our decisions and actions have a good and favorable chance of succeeding because we serve the God who authored time and grants favor to accomplish his purposes, even—perhaps especially—during disorienting times.

What is the kairos moment we, as a church, find ourselves in today? Toward what or whom are you orienting your days? Are you waiting for time to pass, or redeeming the time?

And for those who would like a little more to add to their chronological time structure over the next few weeks, we have some exciting online events to put on your calendar.

– Sunday, April 5th, Palm Sunday Service—10 am
Kids can look forward to a special time just for them.
Families with children, (and the young at heart)—make sure your family is ready to participate. Check it out below.

– Tuesday, April 7th, Hymn Sing—7 – 8 pm
Ever experience a hymn sing online? Neither have we, but we are looking forward to experiencing it together for the first time.

– Wednesday, April 8th, Bible Time with Phil—7 – 8 pm
Phil will start an 8 week series on the role of the Church.

– Friday, April 10th, Good Friday Service—7- 7.45 pm
Together will share communion and remember the extreme sacrifice of our Savior.

– Sunday, April 12th, Easter Sunday Service—10 am
Death could not hold Him, the grave could not keep him from rising again!

– Thursday, April 16th, Family Night In (concert)—7 – 8.30 pm
An “unplugged” time of worship that, ironically, requires plugging in to join a few of the many gifted musicians in our congregation as we worship together.

Attention all kids, Moms, and Dads—We have a surprise family activity during Sunday’s service you won’t want to miss!
Here is what you will need.
AND you can pick up these supplies outside Door B of the church this Friday or Saturday—if your family needs a quick/safe outing!

– 4-5 pieces of green paper
– 2 popsicle sticks
– Tape

You will also need to locate these things at your house to be ready for our family worship project!

– Pencil
– Scissors