Goat Project for HIV/AIDS Patients in Malawi

This is a great way for GMI to share God’s love in Malawi. Usually people living with HIV/AIDS suffer stigma in their communities. When we go out of our way to show care to them in a practical way, this speaks volumes not only to those who are sick but also to the people in their neighborhoods. We plan to help 60 people, and it will cost $50 to get one goat for each person. We will give one goat to a family that has an HIV patient. After the goat has produced four, one (a female) will be donated to another person who is in the same situation in the community. Cost: $3,000 to help 60 families.

Malawi Kitchen Project

Emmanuela Asong is teaching pastors’ wives and other women from the community on how to cook healthy meals. The objective is to mentor these women in culinary skills, in small business management, as well as in their spiritual journey. After sufficient training, the goal is to open a small restaurant which would generate enough income to support itself and provide these trained women with funds to support their families.

Joseph & Emmanuela Asong write:
We are almost done with the building phase of the Kitchen. The structure is complete. Roofing and ceiling are done. Flooring is done. Kitch-en cabinets and shelves have been in-stalled. Windows are done. Security doors are done but wooden doors are still to be installed. Plumbing is done and kitchen sink has been installed. Electrical Wiring is done and electrical fittings will be done by next Monday. Most of the painting is done and will more than likely be completed next week. The main thing that still needs to be done is equipping the Kitchen. We still need to purchase a stove, freezer and fridge, table, chairs, food processor, water dispenser, plates, pots, silverware, cups, glasses, mugs, dishes, baking trays and pans, microwave dishes, water storage drums, storage canisters, blender, kettle, and other minor items. We have estimated all this at $3,500.
We will be raising the funds to purchase these items for the kitchen.