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These are exciting times in the life of Rush Creek Bible Church. There is so much to anticipate as a result of not only physical renovation and new spaces coming online, but a renewed passion to steward the opportunities afforded by what God is doing in and through Rush Creek.
There are still literally hundreds of details to be addressed through-
out the building and even in the gym (so no need to point them out), but
we are pleased to have the gym available to us as we rapidly approach
Christmas; a season of increased attendance.
And speaking of increased attendance, we have a plan for overflow seating for the Sundays of December 16 and 23. If you would be willing
to experience some of our new technology in the old Fireside Room in
order to free up seating in the Worship Center for our friends and
guests, please give that some consideration and prayer. More details to
While we are taking occupancy of the rest of the building in the next
week or so, we still have to “move in.” In the meantime, we will be
working on a punch list of primarily cosmetic issues that need to be
We all anticipate utilizing the building in its wholeness after Christ-
mas. The most significant tool God has designed to use is not the build-
ing, but rather each one of us. Please continue to pray, listen, and be
obedient to the ongoing role he is calling you to play here at Rush