Each week in Rush Creek News we are exploring insights from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible. This week we want to look at one of seven purposes of our stewardship of God’s resources that recur throughout Scripture.
Remember, God doesn’t really need us to manage his resources. He chooses us. But why? Ultimately our role as stewards is a function of what God desires to do within us—not simply what he wants to do through us.

Seven Purposes for Stewardship #1

God wants his stewards to have Unquestionable Character. Our effective stewardship prompts us toward who we are called to be as individuals. We are God’s image bearers. This is a profound privilege and responsibility. Such a responsibility requires a lifetime of intentional stewardship in all areas of life. As ambassadors of Christ, our faithful stewardship should result in becoming a more vivid reflection of Christ in our character.