Too Precious to Ignore

This year we have three special projects that we are raising money for. All three have to do with our conference theme of “Too Precious to Ignore”. We wanted to focus on children’s ministries because we know that statistically most Christians put their faith in Christ as children and that the older people get the harder it is to take that step of faith.

So join us in supporting these three ministries that aim to help children and young girls be introduced to Christ while they are still young.


The Grace churches of Congo operate 14 Christian schools with a total of 2300 kindergarteners in attendance. Through these schools they are afforded a tremendous opportunity to not only teach general education subjects, but to also teach these young children about Jesus Christ and the Word of God. We at Rush Creek would like to help these children by providing: 1)Teaching materials appropriate for 5-6 year olds, 2) Cooking utensils to help these schools feed the children once a week, and 3) First aid supplies that are sorely needed.


While working on planting a church among a Muslim tribe in Malawi, Grace Ministries International missionaries have discovered a high rate of exploitation among teenage girls resulting in unwanted teen pregnancies, forced early marriages, and even prostitution. The risk increases significantly when these young girls are unable to attend junior high and high school. Many girls are not able to attend because of the high cost of education and the feeling of many parents that it is not important for girls to be educated. To counter this problem, as well as to gain church planting inroads into these Muslim communities, GMI missionaries have started a scholarship program to help pay for school fees in order to help many of these young girls get a better start to life.

It is so important for churches to work in conjunction with parents to train up young children according to the truths of Scripture. Bill and Sue Vinton are trying to help the relatively young Grace Churches of Malawi to establish Sunday Schools for their children. They are developing lessons, laminating color pictures, and providing other teaching materials in the language of Chichewa in order to launch these Sunday Schools. In addition they are holding teacher’s training seminars in order to equip local church members in this much needed ministry. RCBC would like to help fund this effort of instilling Biblical truth in the next generation.