Student Ministry Vision

“Empowering Students to ask questions about faith, pursue a personal relationship with Jesus, serve God, and invest in life-changing relationships”.

Our Student Ministry vision statement guides our big picture purpose, programing direction, and daily decisions. This intentionality not only determines our yearly programing, it is also the lens through which our mission trip opportunities are selected. It is because of this vision statement that our mission trip opportunities come with requirements which empower our students to grow in their love for Christ, serve and reach out. While growth does happen on most mission opportunities, the experience “high” tends to fade away quickly. We unapologetically use the motivation of a trip as leverage to help push students to develop and maintain strong habits in their personal walk with Christ. We do this by making the missions experience a yearlong commitment of growth with various requirements; including mentorship and service commitments. We specifically offer two types of mission trip opportunities at Rush Creek, domestic opportunities partnership with LeaderTreks and international opportunities.

Domestic Trips

Our domestic opportunities focus on empowering each student to see their God-given potential through intentional, and intense leadership experiences. While we do require students to commit to a year-long commitment in preparation for this opportunity, these trips are more easily accessible to any student in grades 7-12.

International Trips

Our International mission trips are designed to test, challenge, and strengthen high school students who are seeking opportunities to grow their character and have consistently shown and exercised a desire to serve, lead, and reach out. The application process and accountability to join one of our international missions teams is much greater than that of our domestic teams.


Rush Creek has taken me on many adventures, many of which were fueled by missions trips. I have been on three missions trips: Chicago, IL, Navajo Nation, AZ, and Costa Rica. There are no words to describe the feeling of growth, joy, peace, and unity that arose from such adventures and time in God’s word. One of my favorite experiences was being able to worship with attendees of the GBF church in Costa Rica. Seeing others from across the world worship with songs I knew, but in a different language brought God out of this town in Michigan and into a real world picture. God is so much bigger than I was able to comprehend. I am so grateful for the way these trips have challenged me, pushed me to grow in my walk with the Lord, and brought me my closest friends. I would not be where I am in my faith, I would not be an intern at Rush Creek, and I would not have found such joy if not for these mission trips, and for that I am so blessed.

Cassie Wychers

Senior, Byron Center Public Schools

I went on a missions trip to Wisconsin, Milwaukee. It was a very impactful trip and a very big changing point in my life and if I had to I wouldn’t change a thing from it. Before the trip, I had a lot of struggles, one of them being suicidal depression, but during that time I prayed and prayed for two weeks straight for God to help me and get rid of the pain and at the end of those two weeks my mom told me I was going on a missions trip to Wisconsin like all moms do LOL. And during that trip, I made really great new friends (Grace), began to strengthen current ones (Noah and Mason), found someone I became very fond of (you already know who) and caught up on a past relationship who became my mentor (Ben). And through these relationships, I was surrounded by great Godly examples who really pushed me towards growing in my relationship with God. Once I gave my life to God my whole life began to change for the better. And that missions trip was the start of it. And ever since that point, I have been pursuing God, and I still am doing my best to make him my number one.

Peyton Lee

Junior, Byron Center Public Schools

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened”- inspirational dove chocolates we ate in Costa Rica (courtesy of Sarah). Right now I’m definitely feeling the first. Thank you guys for the memories and for making the trip amazing, and thank you Jesus for the opportunity to serve and grow as a team. I miss Costa Rica, but my real missions field is my everyday life. Thank you to the awesome leaders that helped me to realize that.”

Lacey Wanrooy

2018 Talamanca Team Member, Costa Rica Mission Trip


This year we have two Missions Trip: Our first Young Adults trip will be to Louisiana to do Hurricane relief from May 21st -30th. The second trip will be our domestic LeaderTreks high school opportunity to Denver, CO.

Please keep both teams in your prayers, that God will bring whatever challenges we need to grow closer to Him!