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As we set aside this time of year to reflect on the things for which we are thankful, take time to consider Project: Renewal and the reasons our facility and building is being renewed:

1) 18 years of increasing ministry activity in a well-worn facility
2) God placing Rush Creek in the middle of the fastest growing area of West Michigan
3) 14 housing developments within a 3 mile radius of our church— neighbors who need to be drawn closer to Christ
4) an amazing number of newcomers to Rush Creek over the last six months
5) averaging over 700 worshippers on Sunday morning over the last month
6) new ministries slated to use our facility upon re-opening January

Even in December we will be planning for overflow for our Sunday a.m. worship.

As the Spirit leads people to Rush Creek, let’s pray that we steward these relationships well. Pray we become a church family that embraces and nurtures those who God sends through these new doors.