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Saturday, October 25, 2015 will be a day many look back on as a seminal moment in the history of Rush Creek ministry. Over 115 people representing all age groups, levels of leadership and families got together to bePicture5gin bringing Vision 20/20 into focus. What will Rush Creek be in the year 2020? Our 20th year in Byron Center and the 100th year as a church. The design team from Elevate Studios led us in working out our values-as in what drives us? What makes us unique? If Rush Creek was no longer in Byron Center; why would we be missed? For over three hours, 13 different groups worked on those topics and others giving the design team a framework in presenting future ideas for you as the congregation to consider.

CHANGE FOR CHANGE SAKE is a desperate ploy for growth and almost always ends up in disaster. Change must be to reach the ‘Heart Sake’ of thePicture2 lost and drive toward the mission of Engaging in Authentic Relationships through Genuine Community seeking to Reflect Jesus Christ. That kind of change recognizes we are IN the world and the only Christ they see.

What was so significant and powerful to me was the consensus of the top three values:

  1. Impacting worship and teaching; technology upgrades; welcoming to all generations. Use of building accommodate community
  2. Strengthen families; inter-generational outreach and impact
  3. People; relationships; finding ways to create warm and inviting environments for life-building conversations

Picture4Those values were agreed on by over 115 of you. What I found so profoundly providential, clearly from the Lord, was that last January during the board retreat the top three values were identified and articulated amount leadership. They were:

  1. Dynamic engaging worship/teaching-improved technology
  2. Outreach-supportive redemptive relationships in community
  3. Family support for children, youth and elderly community-intergenerational

See any difference? There isn’t any. That’s what’s so mind blowing. The synergy between you the people and leadership in not by chance but a collective ownership of vision that says; Rush Creek will be a church Picture1known and valued by strengthening and equipping families and individuals reaching our community and beyond with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s reflected by developing leadership through teaching, training and serving children, youth and adults in every growth phase of life.

Are you ready Rush Creek? As Paul said in Colossians 3:1, “So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, ACT like it.” Picture3Every step of the way, every decision made will be ACTION you decide and support.

What do you SEE? LOOK UP!!!

~Pastor John Spooner