KidsGames is an annual program in June, which teaches over 400 kids the power of Christ in our lives and teaches kids the importance of understanding Christ. Each year it is normally held at Nickels Intermediate School in Byron Center. This year it will be at Rush Creek Bible Church. Everyone in grades 1st thru 6th is welcome to join. Each year we have over 130 youth and adult volunteers. The 2019 KidsGames will be held on Monday, June 17 and go thru Friday, June 21. Thursday after KidsGames, the local fire station will be coming with their truck to cover the field with water for the kids to run through. On Friday we will have a celebration of the past week to share with the community what the kids have learned about God and new skills that they have learned during track time. If you are interested in sending your son/daughter this year, or volunteer please go to We would love to have you join us this year!

A Typical KidsGames Day


At 12:30 pm we will begin our activities singing songs, announcements, and perform skits. We are usually there for about a half-hour.

Games, Drama, and City Link

After our first part, we will divide into our small groups and then divide the groups into three stations. Each day the kids get to play games like tag, duck duck goose, obstacle courses, etc. The second station is Drama, where kids get the teaching of Jesus through skits and videos. The last station City Link is designed to teach kids about ministering to other parts of the world. Each day a new missionary will give their testimony and sometimes do activities with them.

Snack and Small Group Time

This is where kids and mentors really connect. Each day the mentors share a well thought out lesson that will point kids towards God. A key tool in this process to help the kids share their faith is the Evangecube. It tells the whole story of how Jesus was persecuted and rose again.


The majority of the time is spent on teaching kids a specific skill that they signed up for. We have anything from sports, to photography, crafts, music, cooking, and outdoor survival skills (find a full list of the tracks and descriptions below) The final day we have a celebration to show off some of what the kids have learned the week of KidsGames.