Congregational Care Service Opportunities

Would you consider one of these opportunities to serve our church family?

God has given us so many unique gifts and talents with the intention for us to serve Him and one another. Even if you are not a four-season attender, we would still love to have you involved.

Could we assist you with a ride, a meal, or a home repair?  Please let us know your need here.

Would you consider a 1-year commitment?


Keep an eye on the prayer line and your email to see when a need comes out from our congregation. Immediate phone calls, and visits to homes/hospitals might be necessary. If available, you would respond to the email and choose which care taking method you could cover.


We are looking for a team of people that makes, provides, or purchases a meal and drops them off for individuals that need some help during their time of need.


Individuals that are willing to be assigned a section in the auditorium where they will engage with those that sit in that area. This team is in the auditorium 15 minutes before the service starts, in order to introduce yourself to those you don’t know and greet those you do. As time allows, build new relationships and listen to the heart of those you talk to. Bring their needs to the attention of leadership, that we can come alongside of, pray with them, point them to the right resource, and encourage them.


Individuals that are handy with minor home & car repairs, fixes for people who are otherwise unable to do so or afford it themselves. Materials are not the responsibility of the handyman. Requests for help will go to a central administrator that will contact you with what work needs to be done. If you are available, we ask that you make the repair within 7 days of the request. Some jobs may take a team (2 or more) to complete and we encourage you to ask for help whenever it’s needed. This could include student help or a team of individuals.


Join a team of individuals that offer transportation to those in our congregation that need assistance to medical appointments, church events, and other needs. If you are available, you will be given at least 72 hour notice from when the individual needs assistance. Requests for help will go to a central administrator that will contact you with information you’ll need to assist.


We are looking for a team of individuals that sets up and tears down tables and chairs for funerals and women’s events. Dates of events listed will be sent to you When they are available. It would most likely be a 45 minute to one hour commitment for each event.


Are you an individual that enjoys encouraging others through notes and cards? Please consider being part of a team that will take on a list of 5 to 10 individuals to share the love of Christ through written encouragement. Names, addresses, and important dates will be supplied to you.


Join us in serving the shut- ins, widows, and widowers once a month (goal) through face to face visits, phone calls and cards. You will build relationships with one or two individuals in our church and help us see their praises, prayer requests, and needs.