Our Commitment to Families

Partnering with parents as you train your children to know, love, and live for Jesus.

As you invest in and train your children, we commit to walk alongside your family by:

1. Equipping you to intentionally and practically live out the truth of Scripture.

2. Providing resources which help you engage in ongoing Christ-centered conversations with your children as you disciple them at home.

3. Celebrating and fostering healthy marriages which lead to healthy families.

When your children are in our care we commit to…

1. Share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ on a weekly basis and to train them to share their own faith.

2. Teach and interact with God’s Word in ways tailored to their age and stage.

3. Provide volunteers who are trained and equipped to engage intentionally with your children.

4. Care deeply about their holistic health and safety.

We look out for your child’s safety through:

Well-Staffed Classrooms

Required Background Check for all Volunteers

Providing Healthy and Allergen-Friendly Snacks

The Presence of Our Security Team

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