Does the fossil record show that evolution is true?

No. Scientists have found what they claim was a fossil of a 15 million year old bat. A few years later they found another fossil of a bat that they dated at 70 million years old. Both fossils look exactly like a modern bat. If evolution were true the 70 million year old bat would have been in a stage of evolving into a modern bat, but it was not. But think about it; as a bat was evolving and had smaller wings, it could not fly and it could not run. There is no possible way it could find food or escape predators.

Hundreds of thousands of fossils have been found and some have been from extinct animals and some from animals we see today, but we do not find any fossils from animals evolving into another animal.

All over the world, ancient insects have been found encased in hardened tree sap. This amber should give us an understanding of how these insects have changed or evolved over time. A perfectly preserved ant is declared to be 100 million years old. It’s still an ant! This ant looks exactly like a modern ant. A praying mantis in amber looks like the one you would find in your flower garden, yet the evolutionists claim it to be 40 million years old. Hundreds of insects have been found in amber and all look like modern insects.

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Nehemiah 9:6