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From whose womb comes the ice? And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth? (JOB 38:29)

GENESIS 7:11, PSALM 104:8–9

An ice age is a rare event. If the earth became very cold, it would not produce an ice age. It would just be a cold earth. For an ice age, we need warm oceans, cool land, and cool summers. With a warm ocean, this means more water would evaporate, resulting in more water in the air that would form more snow and ice, particularly in the wintertime. If there were cool summers, then all the snow and ice wouldn’t melt off by the end of summer (warmer season). And with winter coming back each year, more snow and ice from each storm would make the layers of ice bigger and bigger. This is how an ice age starts.

During the Flood, several factors caused the oceans to heat up, such as the movement of the continents to their current positions. This would generate a lot of heat, just like rubbing your hands together very fast. Also high mountains and ranges formed as a result of these continental movements. When this happened, a lot of volcanoes erupted! Their eruptions shot very small ash particles into the upper atmosphere that lingered for many years. These ash particles reflected sunlight back to space and that cooled our planet down, especially in the summer. Warm oceans and cool summers are the key to an ice age. This is what would happen as a result of all the events associated with Noah’s Flood.

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