Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you. . . (JOB 40:15–18).

ISAIAH 14:29JOB 41:113–21

Sawyer, I haven’t seen a photograph of a live dinosaur. (It would be cool, though!) But we have something even better than a photo. We have a description from God, our infinite Creator. In our Bible verse God describes a very large, unique animal—one that evidently was living with Job. Now Job didn’t have a camera, he couldn’t take a photo, so God made sure we’d know just what one of these amazing animals (the dinosaur) looked like. And there’s another thing. We do have something called petroglyphs. These are drawings that people carved long ago on rocks. Some of these petroglyphs look a lot like dinosaurs. You know, I believe it is very possible that there may still be dinosaurs in the world, but most of them have probably died out. Maybe there are some in a remote jungle somewhere, just not seen by people. It wouldn’t surprise me at all (remember, the average size of a dinosaur was only that of a large sheep or bison—and some were as small as chickens), but it would sure surprise evolutionists who say that dinosaurs died out “millions” of years ago.