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The following letter came from the Grace Church in Cameroon thanking Rush Creek for sending Dan and Karen Neymeiyer to train their volunteers and then do KidsGames with them in  Kumba, Cameroon.

Dear Pastor John Spooner and the Rush Creek Bible Church  Family,

Accept warm greetings from the Christians at Grace Church in Cameroon.  We believe in our God who is sovereign in doing wonders at your church and your town, Byron Center.  We are still digesting the rich and unprecedented blessing you gave us in the name of “KidsGames”.  Dust has not settled yet here in Kumba.  The memories of the visit of the Neymeiyers, Pastor Kaleb Kemper, and our own Gerald Asong is still fresh in our minds.  It was hard to say goodbye to them.  But we told them to come again because we are always ready and happy to have them here and if possible to stay here with us.  We love them and we love Rush Creek Bible Church.

cameroon-fu-01We are writing to THANK YOU immensely for this wonderful opportunity you presented to us. We are thankful for the spiritual, material, moral and financial support you gave us.  Gerald, who had and is still working with us, knows what is good for the work here in Cameroon and is sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our church and in Cameroon in general.  KidsGames Kumba revolutionized how people see kids in the church.  It gave us a new approach to reaching kids for Christ—and not just kids but their parents.  KidsGames has come to stay.  We will improve on those things we didn’t do right and have a better KidsGames next year.  We still need your help and support to grow KidsGames here in Kumba.  Our focus isn’t just in Kumba but nationally.  We plan to partner with localcameroon-fu-02 businesses and schools and the government as well so that we can reach many more people. KidsGames introduced volunteer work to so many people in Kumba.  Cameroon is not big on volunteering, but we saw leaders give their all for the success of KidsGames Kumba.  Our mind set has been changed, people are looking at God’s work differently, people are thinking differently, thanks to KidsGames.  We want to build on the foundation that the Neymeiyers started.  We want to move KidsGames to another level and get more people involved.  We need you to pray for and with us.

cameroon-fu-03Our visitors must have briefed you on some things they saw here in Cameroon.  Many Cameroonians have been enticed by the so called “prosperity gospel”.  It has taken us by storm.  People don’t want to study God’s Word, they want healing, they want signs and wonders, they want miracles.  It is challenging for us here, preaching the grace gospel.  Please pray with and for us that we will find a way to address the situation at hand.  People are interested in churches that preach signs and wonders, miracles and healing.  We have to update our strategy because people are misinformed about God’s Word.  It hurts our hearts cameroon-fu-04when people do things out of ignorance of God’s Word. Please pray as we go around to find and purchase a property where we can have a structure for the work here.  Please pray as we desire to take the grace gospel to the French zones here in Cameroon.  Please pray as we desire to take KidsGames to another level here in Cameroon.  Pray for our nursery and primary school, the Bible correspondence courses program and the radio program.

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to Rush Creek Bible Church for your every support and for this new partnership to take Christ to the ends of the earth.  May God continue to grow the church family there in Byron Center and beyond.

Yours in Christ, on behalf of the Grace Church here in


Jacob Bali

Chairman Board of Trustees