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Recapturing our child-like faith again … those child attributes of passion, curiosity, sense of abandon and wonder at life itself with Christ. In his book by the same name, Dangerous Wonder, Mike Yaconelli said, “The critical issue today is dullness. We have lost our astonishment. The Good News is no longer good news, it is okay news. Christianity is no longer life-changing, it is life-enhancing. Take surprise out of faith and all that is left is dry and dead religion. Lose your awe of God and you are left with meaningless piety.”

It’s true, for most of us we think being a Christ-follower is all about living right. But in this series I hope we find following Christ is all about living FULLY! So we’ll focus on three things to bring us back to Dangerous Wonder: recognizing, receiving, and risking. ‘A child-like faith that abandons ourselves to the One who will never abandon us.’

Merry Christmas…right?

~ Pastor John

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