. . . and [God] brought them to Adam to see what he would call them . . . (Genesis 2:19).

Genesis 2:18-20

Well, a lot of people say there is no way Adam could have had enough time to name all the animals in a single day. Actually, when we read God’s Word carefully, we find he didn’t name all the animals. 

First, we know from Genesis that Adam named only land animals on the sixth day (and he named them before Eve was created on that same day, by the way). This means that he definitely named them within 24 hours, at most! 

Second, remember from the previous question that Adam named only “kinds” of land animals and then, only the cattle, birds of the air, and beast of the fields. Adam really named far fewer animals than we think! One more thing—Adam was the most intelligent man that ever lived. God made him with a perfect brain and a perfect memory. It wouldn’t take him long to think of the names and to then remember which animal was which! He had plenty of intelligence and plenty of time to name them all in one day!