Are mutations the driving force of evolution?

To the evolutionist mutations are the dominant mechanism for pond-scum to people evolution. Mutations are primarily permanent changes in the DNA strand. Mutations are mistakes made during the transfer of information from the genes of one generation to the next. Mutations are a loss or a scattering of information, everybody has seen pictures of two headed snakes. In this case the information for the head is there, but the scattering of that information produces two heads.

In order for mutations to drive evolution, mutations would need to add information. Mutations would need to add information for a fish to turn into an amphibian. That fish would need to add new information to grow legs and develop lungs to breath air. The problem is that nowhere in observational science has anyone seen new information added to the DNA of any organism. Mutations can lose information and mutations can scatter information but mutations can never add information.

Scientist have tried to show that mutations can indeed produce the evolutionary results that they desire. A classic example is the fruit fly. This insect has a 12 day generation making it an ideal test subject to see the effects of radiation induced mutations. During the last century millions of these flies have been irradiated in laboratory experiments and observed. The mutation rate has been increased by as much as 15,000 times. The results of these experiments should simulate millions of years of evolutionary progress. What has resulted are big-winged, small-winged, wrinkled winged and no winged fruit flies; large-bodied, small bodied and no-bodied fruit flies. Red-eyed, speckled-eyed, leg-in-place of eye fruit flies; many bristled or no bristled fruit flies, but mainly dead or sterile fruit flies. In conclusion, researchers began with fruit flies and they ended up with fruit flies, most dead, the rest defective.

And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures

according to their kinds; livestock, creatures that move

along the ground and wild animals each according to

its kind.” And it was so.

Genesis 1:24