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Blessed with ‘much’ to

To whom much is given, much is required. Luke 12:48The focus of this verse is often on the obligation, leading many to guilt ridden struggles.  Always wondering the weighty question, what is required of me? But let’s focus for a moment on the thing that prompts the requirement. It’s the gift. Actually lots of them. God’s design for life is to extend the grace, mercy, and service extended to us by Christ to those around us. Makes a bunch of sense really. It is the only gift that truly keeps on giving… once we understand that gifts are given to be extended to others then we should act upon that understanding. This is often a lesson we must learn and relearn throughout life.  It is the ultimate ‘re-gifting’!

But let’s talk for a moment about what this looks like as a church. Many times we pause and reflect on the numerous blessings and gifts God has given to us individually, but have you ever paused to consider how much has been given to us; this local body of Christ followers called Rush Creek Bible Church? If you have… or if you haven’t, I would encourage to think through five significant gifts God has uniquely given to Rush Creek Bible Church.

Now take a look at that list. For what purpose did God bless/entrust Rush Creek with these things?  Answering this question should shed powerful insight as to what is required of us as a church; how we are going to be ‘more’ equipped to give ‘much’ to the needs of families in our church, in our community, and around the world.

As we seriously explore ministry expansion at Rush Creek, in many ways we have been asking this same question. From a facility question, asking “What do we need?” returns a very different answer than “What have we been given?”.  When we ask that question a natural follow up is “WHY are we being called to extend to others?.”  On November 12th, after the morning worship service, you will be given a chance to ask those questions and be given a clear focus on why.  You will take tours through the building and be given a clear definition of the ‘MORE”!

We have been given a large building. Being a good financial steward of our facilities and grounds is definitely required of us. That is certainly part of the answer. Yet there are far more profound things that God has given to us than the physical stuff we can see. He has entrusted us with His Son. He has entrusted us with His message of grace and love. He has entrusted us with influence and relationships that he desires to use for his redemptive purposes. God needs us to take his message to a lost world. He chose us. That is a precious gift.  We can use or lose those blessings. To have opportunity and not use it is a terrible waste.

Opportunities will knock, but all too often they only knock once.  God will ask and holds us accountable to;  How did we answer the door?  And when?