Each week in Rush Creek News we are exploring insights from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible. This week we want to look at one of seven purposes of our stewardship of God’s resources that recur throughout Scripture. Last time we looked at Unquestionable Character.

Remember, God doesn’t really need us to manage his resources. He chooses us. But why? Ultimately our role as stewards is a function of what God desires to do within us—not simply what he wants to do through us.

Seven Purposes for Stewardship #2

God seeks to develop in his stewards Undying Commitment. Our effective stewardship prompts us toward obedience to God regardless of the cost. God entrusts resources into our responsibility – money, assets, intelligence, time, freedom, institutions, relationships of all kinds, children, and the possessions that can sometimes clutter life. In return, he expects that our management of these things reflect our undying commitment to him—regardless of the cost. Something that is much easier said than done.

  1. March 12, 2018

    It is interesting that when we are blessed with something (money, possessions, talents, time), do we ever pause and wonder. Why did God bless me with this? What or how can I use this to glorify Him? We usually receive the gift and think about what or how OUR lives will be better because of it. We are slow to think about how we can use it to bless others.

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