Each week in Rush Creek News we are exploring insights from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible. This week we want to look at one of seven purposes of our stewardship of God’s resources that recur throughout Scripture. Last time we looked at our Unique Calling.

Remember, God doesn’t really need us to manage his resources. He chooses us. But why? Surely God could have chosen a way that didn’t require everyone pulling their fair share of the stewardship load?!

Seven Purposes for Stewardship #6

God wants his stewards to have a sense of Unparalleled Commission. Our effective stewardship prompts us to recognize the privilege of sharing in the fulfillment of God’s mission. As we seek to become effective stewards in every area of life, we become much better equipped to play a part, however small or large, in the unparalleled commission of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.