Each week in Rush Creek News we are exploring insights from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible. This week we want to look at one of seven purposes of our stewardship of God’s resources that recur throughout Scripture. Last time we looked at our Unparalleled Commission.

Remember, God doesn’t really need us to manage his resources. He chooses us. But why? He has tasked us with his mission—living and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ—and placed it into our hands as co-missioners with him; a rather profound privilege. And this alone should be the cause of our final purpose for stewardship…

Seven Purposes for Stewardship #7

God wants his stewards to engage in Unending Celebration of his glory. Our effective stewardship prompts us to continually glorify the One who has chosen us to be his stewards. As we mature in our stewardship, our motivation for the management of his gifts increasingly reflects our desire to glorify, honor, and praise him simply because he is worthy of that expression.