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Fall is here. The kids are back in school. The church activities have begun, and Drop Zone begins. This year marks the sixth year of Drop Zone. Terrah and I were discussing those six years the other day and she asked if I would write an article for Reflections.

Drop Zone began as an idea by Dan and Karen Neymeiyer for a safe place for “latchkey” kids to go after school. It has evolved into much more. A few Sundays ago we prayed for the Byron Center Schools, the superintendent, and all of those involved in the school system. Without the support of Byron Center Schools and God answering prayer, Drop Zone would never have happened.

“Reflecting” on the first five years, Drop Zone has sure grown. The very first Drop Zone had an attendance of 12 students and 8 leaders. The first year grew to an average attendance of 35 to 40. Year two continued to grow with the addition of some student leaders from Grace Bible College, and a few additional adult leaders, to about 60-65 average attendance. Year three was the first time the attendance reached 100, but the average for the year was around 90. Year four brought the average attendance over 100 and the largest one day attendance of 145. Year five continued the attendance average around 100. During these years the number of adult leaders has remained the same. However the number of student leaders has continued to grow. The first three years, transportation from school to Drop Zone was provided by Byron Center School buses. Years four and five, High Point church graciously provided their church bus for transportation. This year Rush Creek purchased a used bus, so one bus goes to Nickels for 5th and 6th graders, and the other to West Middle School to pick up the 7th and 8th graders. The church van has been used and driven by volunteers since the beginning of Drop Zone.

“Reflecting” on activities over the years, the Drop Zoners have had many great experiences. Basic Drop Zone includes great snacks, small group time, homework time, and activity time. Small group time allows 30 minutes each day to spend time on Bible and life lessons. Offsite activities such as movies, swimming, roller skating; and guest presentations by the Power Team, Lee Homoki, and presentations and testimonies by various missionaries. The kids did many cleaning and work projects, especially to qualify for two trips to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The Impact56 and Rush youth groups were moved to Tuesday and Thursday nights to accommodate Drop Zone kids to give them the opportunity to participate. This is the third year that supper has been provided for those Drop Zone kids staying for Impact and Rush.

“Reflecting” on the kids is very rewarding. I think about all of the kids that have been impacted here during these last five years, and how they have impacted Drop Zone, and how they have impacted me. Over 800 different students have attended Drop Zone at one time or another. Although we do not have an exact number the consensus is at least 65 students have accepted Christ through Drop Zone. Recently at Impact56, one of our student leaders who came to Christ at Drop Zone led a 5th grade girl to the Lord. This year we have 24 student leaders involved in Drop Zone, 18 are from Drop Zone and six are from Rush Creek. Some of these students are also group leaders in Impact56 and The Rush.

I am truly blessed to have been a part of Drop Zone from the beginning. I praise God for what has been accomplished, and what the Spirit continues to do here at Drop Zone and Rush Creek. Please pray for Drop Zone, the students, the leaders, and the helpers that God would continue to bless the program for all those involved. If you have a couple hours free on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, stop by and see if you can help.

~Tim Beckwith


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Watch the following video to see what an average afternoon at Drop Zone is like


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