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Impact56, Rush and Flipside leaders planning, vision casting and spending quality time together…What a great way to recharge and re-focus as we head into the second part of our ministry year!

With 50 servant leaders involved in our youth ministry programs it is difficult to keep each leadership team connected to the others. But at our annual leader retreat we come together as a team to share what God has done and to collectively pursue His plans for our youth ministries. At this retreat we spend time evaluating each group and making decisions for positive changes. Our leaders are also asked to give input from their personal lives.

Here is some of what some had to say about serving God in our youth ministry programs: In what ways has being a servant leader helped you grow personally?

“I love brining people to Christ, and in doing so, it brings myself closer to Him.” – Lacey Wanrooy

“I am much more aware of the words I use, the content on my social media. I don’t want to say words or just post random thoughts that I don’t want my kids/Impact kids to see or hear. I want my outside life to match my inside heart… I also have a much greater sense of the desperate need for youth ministry.” –Laura Knott

“Understanding worth…Not judging so harshly” –Destiny Coleman

“It has challenged me to grow in my knowledge of God’s Word and time spent with God…If I am not growing how can I be teaching?” –Erin Befus

“It has enhanced my spirit of service.” –Caleb Rookus

“It has caused me to really test my commitment and faith. Pushed me back into God’s word in an effort to answer challenging questions…” –Dan Knott

“It has re-ignited a love of ministry and connecting with kids. It has encouraged me to study the word more and be more knowledgeable about the Bible so that I can answer questions.” –Matt Cook

“…When I look back to where I was compared to where I am now, there is a huge difference.” –Kaleb Anderson

It is such a blessing to work along side such excellent leadership teams of individuals who love Christ, serve other and intentionally reach out!

Youth Ministry Vision: Empowering a community of students who passionately love Jesus Christ, selflessly serve one another and intentionally reach out.