But He said, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and live” (Exodus 33:20).

Psalm 139:1-6, John 4:24, 2 Chronicles 16:9

We can’t see God because He is a spirit—but the Bible says Moses spoke to God face to face! Can we see God like Moses? The Bible tells us He is omnipresent by His Spirit. That means He is everywhere and sees everything all the time. That is very hard to understand, and seems simply amazing, even to me! I get a tiny idea of just how amazing it is when I fly in an airplane (which I do quite a bit). When I go over a big city like Los Angeles or New York and I look down, I see thousands and thousands of lights—cars, houses, buildings, shopping malls, lots of people down there. I realize that God sees them at soccer, at the mall, in the house, at church, in the park, playing with their friends. He sees everyone and knows what they are doing! He also knows our hearts. He knows what we are thinking. He knows whether we love Him. He knows our needs. He is everywhere, Rachael, and He knows everything about you. 

And even though we accept this by faith, it is not a blind faith. You see, what we read in God’s Word, which is the primary way God communicates to us today, makes sense of what we see in God’s world. Also, in many ways, science confirms God’s Word is true. Now God revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus—when He came to earth as a man. And, Rachael, lots of eyewitnesses saw Jesus and the miracles He did! Today we “see Him” through the words of the Bible.