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For You are my rock and my fortress; therefore, for Your name’s sake, lead me and guide me.(PSALMS 31:3)


Many planets have moons that orbit them. God has blessed the earth with one moon. But some planets even have beautiful rings that encircle them!

When we talk about planets with rings around them, Saturn is obviously the one many people think of. It is called the “Jewel of the Solar System.” The rings are large and bright, so they are easy to see with a telescope. Galileo was the first to discover that Saturn had rings in 1610, though he was confused as to what they were. He was using very limited telescopes he had made.

But our solar system actually has four planets that have rings. Jupiter has rings (discovered in 1979), but they are very faint. Uranus has rings (discovered in 1977), as does Neptune (discovered in 1968 and 1984, but confirmed in 1989). Each ring orbits at a different speed, and each ring and gap or division between the rings are given names too.

The rings are made up of dust, rock, and ice. Some of the particles are smaller than grains of sand but can be as large as a building.

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