Not sure about our “House Church” Gathering opportunity? That’s okay! Here is more information and answers to some great questions:

We are excited for how this House Church opportunity speaks into and leads us closer our mission statement: Authentic Relationships, Genuine Community, Reflecting Christ
It is our hope that this opportunity will result in deeper relationships and increased community which reflects Christ.

✳️House Church FAQ ✳️

➡️How will my group be filled?
We want you to personally extend the invitation to those you know well and anyone you hope to know better! Consider your family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors!
➡️What if I don’t know who to contact or invite to join my house church?
If you still have room after contacting your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances please contact the office to let us know how much space you have left. We will do our best to connect those who are seeking a house church gathering.
➡️What happens if I will be out of town on a Sunday?
After your group begins meeting we encourage you to talk about the Sunday(s) you will be out of town to see if anyone in your group might be open to hosting on those dates. If no one is able to do so, your group should plan on watching the service from their own homes on that date(s).
➡️What about families with kids?
If you are able to host families with children please consider the opportunity to create a welcoming experience for them! Rush Creek staff are committed to providing resources and supplies to help you!
  • We are preparing to provide our RushKids Worship Experience simultaneously during the message. (A second device or TV screen will be needed)
  • We are preparing kid-appropriate activities and simple supplies which can be picked up at the Rush Creek outside the office door (Door A) on Fridays.
➡️How long will House Churches meet?
House churches will begin following our June 7th outdoor/drive-in service! We are hoping to see house churches meet on June 14th and 21st!