Pray for grace and unity as leadership navigates the realities of various vantage points in an effort to be obedient and glorifying to God


Rush Creek Family,

I am thankful for the President’s words yesterday that affirmed to the nation what the Body of Christ already knew: The Church is essential.

Thankfully, the church is not bound by the walls of a building and in the midst of this pandemic the Body of Christ has shown and proven its immense impact all throughout the world, not by continuing to gather within its buildings, but by willfully choosing to leave them behind for a time.

The time for us to begin gathering again is quickly approaching and we could not be more excited! And yet, that movement will not begin this weekend.

Our board and staff leadership have worked incredibly hard to put together a plan of how we believe we can best begin to re-engage gathered corporate worship. This plan seeks to honor God by recognizing the varied and diverse needs even with our own Church Body, and we are excited to share it with you tomorrow.

Flowing out of our Mission, our COVID Commitments, and the guidelines from the CDC, we will continue to maintain our online presence for all those who value being able to participate from their homes. We will create new opportunities to engage with one another in smaller gatherings both in homes and at the church for those who feel comfortable doing so. We will reflect the heart and mind of Christ whether scattered in our communities or gathered together on our property. We will evidence the grace and love of Christ as we reflect Him to the world around us in our words and actions. This move toward a new normal will take place over the next few months, and because of the fluidity of the situation our plans will be constantly evaluated to ensure that we are moving forward in the most God-honoring way possible.

Therefore, I cannot emphasize more strongly this simple reality: we will not return to normal, we will move forward to new. Thank you in advance for the difficult and sometimes painful posture of setting aside your personal preferences for the greater good of our unity in Christ and our witness for Him. God is worshiped and glorified in that manner.

Pastor Cam
Lead Pastor

COVID Commitments

Fostering healthy relationships through healthy protocols

Deeping community beyond Sunday a.m. corporate worship

Reflecting Christ in our life-giving actions not our activism

Here is our (flexible) plan to re-emerge toward gathering together Sunday and throughout the week.

To read our Worship Together email that was sent out on Friday, May 22nd please click here 

Do you have any questions about these plans? Please reach out to the Church Office at (616) 583-7600 or [email protected]