Each week in Rush Creek News we are exploring insights from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible. This week we want to look at one of seven purposes of our stewardship of God’s resources that recur throughout Scripture. Last time we looked at Undying Commitment.

Remember, God doesn’t really need us to manage his resources. He chooses us. But why? Surely God could have chosen a way that didn’t rely on our commitment or buy-in?!

Seven Purposes for Stewardship #3

God wants his stewards to exhibit Unwavering Conformity to his will as we become more conformed to his image. Our effective stewardship prompts us toward conforming to God’s will and desires. It is only in our relentless and consistent pursuit of God that he reveals his good and perfect plan for our lives. And his perfect will for our lives is far beyond what we can dream up on our own. Setting aside our own will for his will is encouraged when we understand that God’s plan for his resources—and for me as God’s creation—when we understand that we have the privilege of managing on behalf of the Creator.