Hello Rush Creek!
I’m not quite sure who to address this email to, as I have been attending Rush as a visitor for the last several months. But I wanted to take the opportunity to pass along the many BLESSINGS received in regards to the generosity of the Rush Creek community through School Supply Santa!

I am a 6th-grade teacher at Nickels Intermediate in Byron Center. Our school is one of many that are blessed by School Supply Santa. I was one of the representatives from Nickels who picked up our school’s donated supplies yesterday afternoon. 
WOW. I was BLOWN AWAY by the heart of these SSS volunteers! When Denise Kooiker came to Rush Creek a few weeks back and spoke of how this ministry aims to bless students and educators, she WAS. NOT. KIDDING!! The volunteers had welcome signs, balloons, tents full of gifts for educators, encouraging posters they were waving, a car wash (!!), but most importantly their encouraging smiles, waves, and joyful applause as we teachers drove through to grab school supplies had just about brought me to tears. 

Attached are a few photos of the ways SSS is directly impacting the students at my school. As this year’s SSS theme was centered around Phillippians 2:15, they even gifted each school with having a STAR named in our honor! How cool that students can look to the skies and know that somewhere up there is a star named NICKELS. To be reminded that they are loved and cared for by the wonderful support of their community, and ultimately by their Creator.

Rush Creek, THANK YOU for pouring your time, talent, and treasure into this ministry. These donations are so much more than “just some pencils”…these supplies are prayed over. They are a feeling of comfort to a student who is anxious about beginning a new school year without the necessary tools for success. They are the love of Jesus in the hands of real kids in our neighborhoods. 
On behalf of the humble teachers and schools who are blessed by this organization, with grateful hearts we say thank you! YOU are making a difference!!

I would encourage you to take a look at the videos from SSS Parties from previous years! This organization is seriously amazing! https://www.schoolsupplysanta.com/our-mission

Leigh Sandera
Byron Center Middle School Teacher