Last week we had a wonderful celebration of commitment. Among the things we can continue to celebrate is how the Lord provided above and beyond the lead gifts we had been praying for. We set a goal of $700k, God’s people here at Rush Creek responded with over $800k intended for lead gifts.

And beyond the lead gifts, how encouraging to see additional pledges over the $1.1 million mark!

The next goal that the leadership is praying toward is 100% financial participation in this campaign. That’s a big goal. And we have a quite a distance to go to make that goal. Yet, we know that God’s desire is for each of us—regardless of income level—to grow in the grace of giving, continually. Project: Renewal provides another significant opportunity for each of us to vividly reflect Christ and the generosity He first extended to us.

What does financial participation look like for you? Whether or not you have given or pledged to Project: Renewal, would you pray about taking that next step and/or encouraging others to take advantage of the opportunity contribute to the efforts of this church-wide project?