Then God spoke to Noah, saying, “Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your sons’ wives with you” (Genesis 8:15–16).

Genesis 8:4-16

The Flood destroyed everything on earth. Noah and his family remained in the ark while waiting for the waters to subside and the ground to dry out. But we know that they eventually left the ark. (I like to think about what a relief it must have been for them to breathe the fresh air and stand on solid ground again!) 

The Bible mentions that Noah lived in a tent. It is very possible that Noah brought tents on the ark so he and his family would have places to live once the Flood was over. With everything else destroyed, and as Noah’s family grew, the ark may have provided building materials for the homes and other buildings they would all eventually need. It may have decayed, been used as firewood, or destroyed by other means. If the ark did survive (and there is no real evidence it has) — the wood would have to be preserved in some way, like being petrified.

This is one of those things, Cameron, the Bible doesn’t clearly tell us.