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Construction: Renovations will begin in July, barring any unforeseen challenge!  This is a busy climate for the construction industry. This past week the key contractors involved in our project met together to go over the designs; a first step in coordinating efforts among many moving parts.

Lead Gifts: Last week Randy Velting shared some praise-worthy news. Nearly $800,000 has been given toward lead gifts in advance of our campaign. This exceeded our goal of $700,000!

Pledges:  Our 3-year pledge period begins this month (May). If you have not already turned in your pledge card, doing so as soon as possible will help us in the planning process as next steps and timing are considered. Our goal is 100% participation in this campaign—not equal amounts but rather equal in sacrificial obedience.

Celebration: In light of God’s historic faithfulness and our commitment to his leading, we are having a Special Celebration of Commitment on May 20th. Mark your calendar for this special worship service followed by a church-wide brunch.