– A Way to be Connected to God’s Mission –


As a missions-minded church we are deeply interested in what God is doing around the world. God wants us to participate in His plan – and at RCBC we want to participate! Spreading the Gospel to the whole world is a team effort and we are a part of that team as members of the Body of Christ. 


One way that YOU CAN PARTICIPATE is to be an advocate to our church family for one of our missionaries. RCBC currently partners with 37 missionary families. Praise God that 11 of you have recently decided to advocate for 11 of these families. But we would love to see them all have advocates in our church family. To that end we want to highlight two missionary families this week who will be attending our upcoming missionary conference in the hopes that one of you will prayerfully make the choice to become their advocate.


What is a missionary advocate? Click here to see the Advocate brochure and explanation.


What missionaries still need an advocate at RCBC?  Click here to see the full list.


The Bomers

Jerry, Sandi, and their three lovely children are missionaries to the country of Paraguay with Grace ministries International. Since 2017 they have been helping to plant a church in the city of Ciudad del Este. In fact Jerry and Sandi are members of our church (RCBC).

The Seravallis

Emiliano and Raquel Seravalli are missionaries to the country of Nicaragua with Grace Ministries International. Since 2014 they have been working on planting churches in the city of Nagarote and to develop a Bible Institute which began in 2017.